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Human intelligence powered by AI

Boneprox heavily invests in research and AI, focusing on bridging dental care and healthcare. We aim to streamline both, prioritizing safety. Our close collaborations ensure our innovations meet the needs of patients, clinics, and specialists.

Read more about our projects below.


Pioneering Caries Detection

Based on Northern Europe's largest data collection of intraoral X-rays analyzed by specialists, our model classifies caries into seven categories:

Grade 1: Outer enamel radiolucency.
Grade 2: Inner enamel radiolucency, not into dentin.
Grade 3: Outer third of dentin.
Grade 4: Up to two-thirds dentin thickness.
Grade 5: Inner third of dentin.


Upload any intraoral X-ray for instant data on proximal caries location and classification, either Enamel [Grade 1 & 2], Dentin [Grade 3-5], or Secondary lesion [Grade 6 & 7].

AI-Dentify: deep learning for proximal caries detection on bitewing x-ray - HUNT4 Oral Health Study

Bone Loss (Periodontitis)

Our bone loss model uses a tooth segmentation algorithm to calculate percentage of bone loss in both maxilla and mandible. It evaluates a panoramic X-ray to identify enamel, jawlines, and tooth tips. The service displays each tooth with three segments and a percentage for relative bone loss, color-coded for easy identification.

Periodontitis detection
Cephalometric analysis and measurement

Cephalometric Analysis and Tracking

Our model instantly provides landmark and angle detection to aid dentists and specialists. It maps the top 21 landmarks and generates angle planes based on user input, currently supporting the 12 most-used analysis methods. The output is interactive, allowing landmark and angle adjustments post-analysis.

Teeth Segmentation

Our cutting-edge teeth segmentation algorithm for panoramic dental images serves as an advanced navigational mapping system with unparalleled accuracy. Utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, the algorithm is engineered to identify the precise location of each tooth within the oral cavity, distinguishing between maxillary and mandibular arches with an exceptional degree of reliability.

tooth segmentation
Osteoporosis measurements on dental x-rays

Osteoporosis measurement

An estimated half of women and a quarter of men over 50 suffer from osteoporosis. We've developed an innovative method, in collaboration with leading dental and medical specialists, to identify high-risk individuals using conventional dental X-rays. By examining trabecular patterns in the mandible, we analyze bone structure.

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