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Boneprox receives 11 million to lead one of the world's largest A.I research projects in dentistry

The image analysis and dental tech company Boneprox has been awarded SEK 11 million to lead one of the world's largest research projects in dental care with AI (artificial intelligence).

It is the Research Council of Norway and «Innovation Project in Business» that invest in the project "AI-Dentify." The research project has a value of more than SEK 21 million. Boneprox has brought heavy partners into the project such as SINTEF and the Center for Oral Health Services and Research to use A.I in the analysis of X-ray images to identify oral diseases. The data to be used is from HUNT4 (The Health Survey in Trøndelag) and the project will last for approx. 4 years. HUNT is one of the world's largest health surveys.

The incidence of oral diseases, mainly caries and periodontal disease, is increasing all over the world, including Sweden, which results in serious health and economic consequences and reduces the quality of life for those affected. In addition, we have the Covid-19 pandemic on top of this" Theodor Remman

Theodor Remman (co-founder of Boneprox) and refers to a new study «Journal of Clinical Periodontology» published by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).

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