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Konekta Achieves Record Growth

Discover the historic growth of Konekta, the digital specialist clinic, in 2022. Learn how Konekta's user-friendly platform has enabled thousands to access faster and better healthcare, leading to an impressive surge in clinics, users, and consultations.

Konekta, the pioneering digital specialist clinic facilitating the seamless transmission of digital consultation referrals and inquiries, is proud to announce a historic surge in its growth throughout 2022. Konekta reports a remarkable increase of 163.29% in the number of clinics, a staggering rise of 268.67% in the number of users, and an impressive surge of 377.12% in the number of consultations managed.

Konekta has played a pivotal role in ensuring thousands of individuals receive faster and superior healthcare. With its user-friendly platform, healthcare providers and practitioners can effortlessly send consultation referrals to specialists, resulting in an explosion in user numbers as people seek a quick and convenient path to healthcare.

Boneprox product portfolio

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