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Boneprox Expands into Healthcare with Konekta

Today, Boneprox AB announces a significant milestone as it ventures into the healthcare sector by extending its Konekta platform to ENT specialists. This marks a crucial step forward, positioning Konekta as the link between dentistry and medical care.

“Boneprox AB is pleased to extend its technology and expertise into the healthcare realm. This progression aligns seamlessly with our company's evolution, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist more patients with our solution,"

Peder Remman, CEO Boneprox.

Previously, Boneprox AB provided dental consultations to the entire Scandinavian region. With this entry into healthcare, the company expands its service portfolio, offering a broader range of solutions to its clients.

“We believe that our technology will enable dentists and physicians to communicate more effectively and enhance the quality of diagnoses, ultimately improving patient care”,


Ear exam

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